BBQ foodtruck

Are you hosting an event, wedding, or other festive activities and would you like to have a BBQ food truck on location? A unique way to go about this is with the Ex-Plane. This recycled airplane has been converted into a luxury bar and offers the ability to barbecue on its wing.


We’re working together with various partners to take care of the catering. Enjoy some delicious meats, fish, and vegetarian options, completely tailored to the wishes of you and your guests. Of course, nothing accompanies tasty food like a good drink. Whether that’s wine, champagne, a fancy cocktail or a soda, there’s something for everybody!


The Ex-Plane as a BBQ food truck is the perfect eye catcher for your event.

Ask for the possibilities


we create an experience with the airplane completely branded to your liking

Everything in one

Cocktail bar, baristas, or a DJ. We’ve got it all

We touch down worldwide

Our airplane can be moved anywhere

What we’ll arrange

1Transport the airplane from its home base to any location within or outside of The Netherlands;
2Construction and dismantling of the airplane;
3Catering: drinks and bites to order from our partner Foodzi;
4Bartenders, hostesses, and/or a DJ;
5A custom body wrap entirely in your branding;
6A photographer or drone pilot for an aftermovie.


The airplane as a food truck

From the wing of the airplane, we serve great BBQ dishes. There’s also a lounge inside the cabin – it comes fully equipped with elaborate light and sound systems, as well as a cooling plate, drink dispensers, and two beer taps.


A BBQ food truck with the branding of your choice

The airplane as a BBQ food truck is completely customizable to fit your branding. We do this by wrapping the airplane – so it reflects your brand or business. The standard color is anthracite-gray with champagne colored lines, along with a white leathered interior. Would you like to see the airplane in the colors of your choice, perhaps including a logo of your choice? We can arrange this for you!


The measurements

The airplane’s wings are detachable and foldable – on display, the airplane measures about 11 meters in length with a wing span of 9 meters. It has a height of 4.05 meters.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of having our airplane as a BBQ food truck? Reach out to us!


and what they say

“The Ex-Plane provides a way to enjoy the great wines and champagnes even more; it’s truly an experience.”

Winestock Heemstede


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