Exhibition stand

Want to stand out at fairs and conferences? We can complete the experience for your visitors with the Ex-Plane as an exhibition stand – entirely in your branding. The cabin can be used as a lounge for meetings with relations; there is a screen for presentations as well as a cooling plate and drink dispensers.


From the trolleys that accompany the airplane, we serve drinks and snacks. Our caterer can, if desired, serve a beautiful lunch. Do you need bartenders or hostesses as well? We’ve got you covered!


Our team is creative, professional, and likes to help you to attract as many visitors to your stand as possible.

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we create an experience with the airplane completely branded to your liking

Everything in one

Cocktail bar, baristas, or a DJ. We will arrange it all for you.


Our airplane can be moved anywhere. We touch down worldwide.

What we’ll arrange

1Transport the airplane from its home base to any location within or outside of The Netherlands;
2Construction and dismantling of the airplane;
3Catering: drinks and bites to order from our partner Foodzi;
4Bartenders, hostesses, and/or a DJ;
5A custom body wrap entirely in your branding;
6A photographer or drone pilot for an aftermovie.


Your brand’s look and feel

The Ex-Plane comes in anthracite-gray with champagne colored lines. Would you like your stand to stand out even more? We can give the airplane a full body wrap, entirely in your brand’s look and feel. 


The measurements

The airplane’s wings are detachable and foldable – on display, the airplane measures about 11 meters in length with a wing span of 9 meters. It has a height of 4.05 meters.


The Ex-Plane can also be set up with one wing only. This could be useful with limited space, or when setting up close to a wall. This reduces the width to 6 meters.


We love to complete the experience by offering you some extras, such as a mobile bar, a DJ, a DJ booth or event catering. We’ve gathered many partners that are able to assist us in this – every one of them professional and focused on quality.


Do you have specific wishes? We’d love to hear your ideas, and we’ll help you execute them.


and what they say

“I really enjoyed the collaboration with the team. It’s amazing that Ex-Plane was so flexible and arranged everything perfectly, even last minute.
I would recommend Ex-Plane to everyone, it’s a real eye catcher!”

Exxaero – Rogier Bosscha


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