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How much does the Ex-Plane weigh?

The airplane weighs in at about 2000 kilograms. This includes the platform it is standing on.

What are the Ex-Plane measurements?

Dimensions – during transit

  • Height – 3 meters
  • Width – 2.10 meters
  • Trailer length* – 11,0 meters
  • Transporter lengte* – 6,00 mtr


*The Ex-Plane is transported using a 6 meter long trailer / bus. This makes the total length of the transport 17 meters. Please keep this in mind when considering your event’s approach route, concerning tight turns and high curbs.


Dimensios – after set up

  • Height – 4.05 meters (includes the tail section)
  • Width* – 9 meters (includes 2 wings)
  • Length – 11,0 meters


*The Ex-Plane can also be set up with one wing only. This could be useful with limited space, or when setting up close to a wall. This reduces the width to 6 meters.

How long does it take to set up and dismantle the Ex-Plane?

The time it takes to set up and dismantle the Ex-Plane depends mostly on the wing configuration and the amount of staff. 


For a single wing configuration, with 2 staff members, it takes about 1.5 hours to set up, and 1 to 1.5 hours to dismantle.


For a double wing configuration, with 2 staff members, it takes about 2 hours to set up, and 1 to 1.5 hours to dismantle.


Please keep in mind it can always take a bit longer to set up the Ex-Plane according to your personal requests. 

Do we have to arrange power cables ourselves?

The Ex-Plane is made to use a standard power supply – 220 Volts and 2000 Watts in case of full cooling power.


We’ve got the main power cable that is to be plugged into a power supply (220 Volts). We can also provide an extension cord if needed. 


If requested, we can also provide an additional power supply at some extra cost.

What security or safety measures does the Ex-Plane have?

The Ex-Plane has an internal fuse box for safety. Besides that, it comes fitted with a portable fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

How is the Ex-Plane insured?

The Ex-Plane is entirely insured for events. In the confirmation of your order and in our general terms of service, we have a clause for this. We use a so-called ‘Dent & Buckle’ chart prior and after events.

What is included with the Ex-Plane?

The Ex-Plane comes to your event with a red carpet, and bollards with rope. 


Inside the cabin there are 4 leather seats; you can tell us how you’d like to have them positioned. 


The nose of the airplane has a cooling plate, on which we can place food and beverages. It also has its own drink dispenser.


The Ex-Plane’s right wing can be used in many ways; for example as a mobile bar, a DJ Booth, or for catering.


If you’d like to, we can also fully wrap the Ex-Plane in your branding. 

What are some things that are not possible?

  • Climbing on the Ex-Plane is not allowed;
  • Dancing or walking on the wings is not allowed;
  • The Ex-Plane can not be suspended in the air;
  • The Ex-Plane requires the floor to be flat for safety reasons.

What if the Ex-Plane gets damaged?

The Ex-Plane is made of thin aluminum which could be damaged quite easily. Any damages that are done to the Ex-Plane during an event, are to be recovered by the event’s organization.


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