Jan 17 2024

Ex-plane Takes Joyful Emergency Landing at SAGA Festival, Bucharest

5 minutes de liberate campaign

In collaboration with NAN Events, Ex-Plane had the opportunity to act this summer for the beautiful company JTI and it’s brands. At the spectacular SAGA festival in Romania, JTI wanted to roll out its ‘5 minutes de liberate’ campaign to the festivalgoers in an impressive way.

Ex-Plane is already an eye-catcher in itself, but of course, we gladly go many steps further for our clients. As far as we’re concerned, nothing is crazy enough! Marketing is emotion, and we work tirelessly until we have created the absolute WOW factor for our clients and their target audience together.

To ensure that all festival visitors truly felt part of the concept, the entire Ex-Plane was transformed into a ‘#5minutedeliberite’ plane. Want to organize your own event? View our possibilities.

  • The campaign logo was applied to the tail of Ex-Plane.
  • The entire plane, including the cocktail bar, was wrapped in the company’s house style.
  • The cushions and headrest covers in the interior were adjusted to fit the concept.
  • On our cockpit screen, we played the cool promotional video of the campaign, making the whole Ex-Plane inside-out brand-aligned.

The Journey

The Ex-Plane covered a distance of 2246 km from Uithoorn (Amsterdam) to Bucharest. A journey where many people were repeatedly astonished to see an aeroplane on a trailer passing by on the highway and increasing the brand visibility in six different countries.

Saga Build-Up

Upon arrival in Bucharest, the Ex-Plane team began assembling the aircraft. The Ex-plane immediately felt at home as an event plane at an airport. The next day, we arrived at ROMAERO airport in the blazing 30-degree summer heat. The SAGA festival build-up was in full swing, and the entire terrain was a dynamic and exciting portrayal. Most of the podium skeletons were already finished. Yet everywhere you looked, there was activity. Plants and chairs were transported by forklift trucks, podium plates were being hoisted in the air to complete the looks of the stages.

We met up with our contact at NAN Group, Amir Rohparvar, to coordinate the exact location of the Ex-plane. The stage behind us featured a huge rocket amidst two high towers. In the middle was a state of the art flight simulator that allowed spectators to step into the role of a fighter-jet pilot for a few minutes.

We built up the Ex-plane right beside the Winston Stage. After receiving the exact position, it was time to make the Ex-plane shine until perfection. The continued sound checks kept us entertained during the day.

The next day, we continued our work and started decorating the scene with our VIP poles, pillows, and props. Technical aspects like lights and cooling plates were double-checked and we were ready for take-off.

Saga Festival

We arrived around 16:00, before the festival gates opened at 16:30, putting in some effort for the finishing touches. In no time the festival terrain started to fill with enthusiastic festival-goers, one after another, dressed even more spectacularly.

The festival was a huge success, especially since it was only its third edition. The stages were spectacular, from underneath an aeroplane wing, to partying inside a hangar. There was even one stage inside an aeroplane! Want to see more? View our social media pages.

After 3 full days of partying, it was time to perform our final walk-around. The Monday after the festival we prepared our pre-flight check and drove off back home. 

Looking Back

Looking back on a successful summer and our time in Bucharest, we’re happy to have been able to contribute to the unique vibe of the SAGA festival and our successful cooperation with NAN Group & NAN events. We hope to see you at the SAGA festival next year! Want to organize your own event? Contact us.

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